Differentiate Yourself
Once you know what's driving (See Organizational Drivers) your Vision, you need to find methods to satisfy those drivers in ways that set you apart from your competition.  If all you do is copy the way others operate, then you dilute the effects of your accomplishments.  You want your product and service offerings to be associated with your organization or Brand, not others. You want to be seen as a leader and not as a follower, or you can easily end up delivering generic products and services, raising your costs of doing business without commenserate, long term benefits to you.

Done right, differentiation will strengthen your Brand, increase traffic, loyalty, advocacy and profits.  While Benchmarking can be helpful, copying others solutions rote, to get a "quick, easy lift," can be detrimental to your Brand in the long term.   While you can learn from others, you need to find ways to "own" your deliverables in your consumers' minds.

So, it's not just about getting things done, it's about how you get things done.  

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